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Z Display Technologies


We specialize in high density transparent LED visual solutions ie. LED display Screens & its content management. We have introduced TRANSPARENT LED Display screens for the 1st time in Qatar.

With lightweight tiny LED lamps that resemble a screen/curtain on any surface and areas including high rise buildings on hotels, shopping malls, stadiums, event spaces and showroom displays, these fixtures are portable and cost efficient than traditional printing methods. These temperature-resistant and energy-saving lamps can also be custom made to fit into required spaces and are easy to install.


The Transparent LED Screen is 75% to 80% see through and has benefits of 3D views without disturbing the background like beautifully carved and designed stores.


The Transparent screen is so high in efficiency that it can play videos of 4k high volume to give clarity of each pixel of the video. Its transparent means one can have delight of watching a 3D movie without 3D glasses.
It doesn’t end here with screen patching technology one can pair and patch the different content in different panels of the screen.

Central & Remote Content Management

This innovation in technology makes it so super quick to manage the content as it is supported by the cloud management system; this system can be managed by your mobile phone itself. Making it enable to upload content by a mobile application not only in one screen but also on all the screens one will have.

Screen Thickness

The screen is 3 cm in thickness only & this makes it light weight & portable.

Life of the Screen

Unlike other LED Screens we have the guaranteed lamp life of 5 years once installed.

Environment friendly & Cost Effective

It promotes healthy environment it is slim only to 3 cm thickness it reduces re printing. It is cost effective as in the long run installation of transparent screen will avoid all the printing, mounting etc expense.

We at Z Display Technologies by Zainconcepts are the only distributors of such an innovative technology in Qatar & can make it locally available along with the most important aspect of LED display screens the after sales Technical Support.

We have engineers & not technicians, Our team of engineers are trained from the manufacturer’s factory and can manage the minutest of the LED Lamps with their expertise within stipulated time.

Product Range at Z Display Technology by Zainconcepts:

  • Transparent LED Screens
  • Indoor LED Screens
  • Outdoor Led Screens
  • LED screens rental models
  • Digital Signage
  • Digital Poster
  • Touch Screens
  • Digital Video Visiting Cards
  • Digital Key chains
  • Audio / Video invitation card
  • Hologram Applications
  • Elevator screen
  • Fiber optical
  • Flexible screen
  • Hotel menu board
  • Interactive coffee table
  • Interactive screen & white board
  • Mirror photo booth
  • Mobile Phone Anti-Theft Device

We also specialize in fibre optic LED effects for ceilings, LED gardens, bespoke chandeliers & modern display solutions for all branding and advertising requirements.